Floating Pontoon & Structures

Sealine pontoon systems are always designed to best suit the project's requirements. Depending on project requirements and clients preferences either all concrete pontoon system, aluminum system or plastic pontoon system can be used.


All our pontoon systems are modular and any shapes and configuration are available. All systems can be moored either using piles or Seaflex. Our pontoon systems are durable and require only minimal maintenance through their lifetime.

Concrete pontoon system consists of steel reinforced concrete pontoons connected to each other at site. All units have positive floatation due to their EPS core and they are unsinkable. Concrete pontoons can be designed to be installed on very demanding and challenging applications including floating breakwaters.


Aluminum pontoon system can be equipped with either woodplastic composite, hardwood or GRP decking. Floats are made either of GRP filed with EPS or reinforced concrete with EPS core.

Pontoon Systems

Floating Structures

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